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30 July | 03 - Truck Day at Boynton Beach.

30 April | 03 - Lion Country Safari.

Welcome to the Adam Culp Site

This is the homepage of Adam Culp of Florida, and I’m very glad that you found time to visit my site.  This site is dedicated to me (Adam Culp), my friends, family and my interests.
You ask me why I made this site… I don’t know, maybe I just wanted to tell about myself, cuz I have lots of friends all over the world.  And some of them have never seen me, or gotten to know me much.  And now they’ll be able to find out information about their friend - about me.  Who knows, maybe due to this site I will make some new friends.

Ok, I'll stop wasting your time with long text.  Just feel free to look around.

Adam Culp's Latest Events

Adam Culp hard at work As always it is busy, busy, busy.  It is amazing how much can be done in the typical 34 hour day.  Oops, I mean 24 hour.  Sometimes I feel as if it is 34 hours, and it boggles my mind how much I do yet still have so much to do.  Ha-Ha

I am sorry that there aren't more Latest Events, but haven't had much time to play.  This past week Tanya and I participated in the Palm Beach County Reef Cleanup with the Palm Beach Hammerheads.  It was a blast, and fun was had by all.  We picked up trash on the beaches, reefs, and also enjoyed a nice dive.  A large event for us while diving was the siting of two Nurse Sharks and a HUGE Green Moray.  Probably the largest I have ever seen to date.  I didn't get any pics, but will post some once the Hammerheads make the ones available that they took. :)

30 August | 03 - Children's Fair with Andrew.

30 June | 03 - Kids visit from Ohio.

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